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  • Did you know that...
  • Fresh peaches contain beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin E, fibre and many other nutrients essential to good health. Plus, quatro folhas® canned peaches are versatile and available all year round, making them an easy way to add nutrition and flavour to a well-balanced diet.
  • Working together, beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C and vitamin E strive to protect your body from the daily cell damage and many chronic diseases.

  • Beta-carotene is a powerful member of the antioxidant family. Visible in the peaches vibrant orange colour, beta-carotene is transformed to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A plays a crucial role in maintaining the skin, internally and externally, as well as in protecting the eyes, building strong teeth and bones, and healthy hair. Since little vitamin A is lost during the canning process, canned quatro folhas® peaches have similar levels of this vitamin to their fresh and frozen counterpart.

  • Vitamin C boosts the immune system, promotes healing and helps prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke. Although small amounts of vitamin C are lost during the heat treatment, most of what is lost ends up in the liquid in which the product is packed. The Vitamin C retained after canning remains stable during the shelf life of the canned product.
  • Vitamin E is particularly effective in preventing heart diseases and breast cancer.

  • Convenient and Nutritious
  • In addition to being nutritious and convenient, canned quatro folhas® peaches are also versatile. Although simply delicious straight from a chilled can, they are also a flavourful addition to numerous recipes.
  • quatro folhas® canned peaches are peeled and sliced, cutting down, drastically, preparation time.

  • A burst of summertime flavour and nutrition to your table all year long:
  • Serve canned of quatro folhas® peach slices, well drained, over cold cereal, oatmeal, pancakes or waffles.
    Energize cottage cheese or yogurt with canned quatro folhas® peaches, diced or sliced and well drained, for a healthy afternoon snack.
    Canned quatro folhas® peaches can even be dressed for dessert. Serve with frozen yogurt or ice cream for a nutritious sundae topping.

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