The Small Grocer´s Store

In the beginning, in 1932, it was just a small grocer's store in Matosinhos belonging to José Moreira, whose speciality was simply "roasting and selling" coffee from Angola. It was therefore known as "Casa do Café de Angola", later abbre-viated to "Casa Angola".


The First Exports

As time went on, its business extended to other important national ports and even to the port of Vigo, given its geographic proximity. With the break-up of the merchant fleet after 1974 and the consequent reduction in port movement, it became necessary to diversify. This was the context for the creation, under the supervision of the Leixões customs services, of a bonded warehouse and this investment launched "Casa Angola" in the duty-free market. Using its existing know-how, Casa Angola began supplying raw materials to catering companies.


New Opportunities

During the 1980s, the accumulated experience, especially in the duty-free business, and Casa Angola's contacts with major national and international suppliers, enabled it to enter the export business, supplying hotels, canteens, distri-butors, retailers and wholesalers, particularly in Africa.

In the 1990s began exploring new export markets in diffe-rent continents. This strategy, combined with the partnerships established, made North America one of the major destinations.


The Export Company

CA easily becomes one of the few Portuguese companies exclusively dedicated to export.

José Moreira and his small grocer's shop "roasting and selling coffee from Angola" have thus become icons of progress in constant renewal and growth, to an extent that could hardly have been imagined by its founder.


New Projects

The acquired know-how in international markets leaded to the development of news projects in new areas of business: organic agricultural products, wine & port, spring water, coffee and canned fish.

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