Fonte de Amores, natural spring water

The legend of the “Fonte de Amores” (Fountain of Love) dates back to the fourth century BC, when the Celts occupied much of Western Europe, including the Iberian Peninsula where was part of the territory that is now Portugal.

The story goes that a beautiful Celtic princess named Belisama, was at a very young age promised in marriage to a prince from another tribe, to ensure prosperity and peace in the region.

Belisama, whose beauty was blossoming with each passing day, lived unhappy by having to marry someone who she did not know, and regularly sought tranquility on long rides through the mountains.

In the forest, covered with greenery and splendor, she sat on the rocks where a string of clear water went down the hillside, like, crying her sad fate.

Certain morning a young shepherd, who passed by with his flock, heard the sound of running water. By diverting the foliage to pass, found a stunning, serpentine of crystal clear water that slid through the rocks following the rhythmic chirping of the red-breasted-robins.

When approaching to refresh, he realizes the presence of the young princess. Amazed by such beauty, born between them a pure and beautiful love, yet forbidden.

Belisama, confesses her love for the young shepherd to her mother asking for help, as her father had discovered her secret and disgusted he sent the soldiers to kill him.

Desperate Belisama, with the blessing of her mother, decides to escape her fate, fleeing with the young shepherd.

Of the young couple, the King never had news. It is told that although modest, their life was generous in happiness.

Many years later her father falls ill, it is said that by sadness and longing.

Repentant names the spring as “Fonte de Amores” (Fountain of Love) and ever since became a place of pilgrimage for young couples and their vows of love.

The water that flows from “Fonte de Amores” is linked with pure and crystalline love.

Says the legend that, whoever drinks it, lives a life full of love and happiness.

The Water Fonte de Amores (Fountain of Love) is a spring water from Caramulo Sierra, available in bottles of 33cl, 50cl, 1.5L and 5L.

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