Portuguese purest honey!

The quatro folhas wild lavanda honey is a tasty food that in addition to satisfying the palate is an important complement to a healthy diet.


Besides the high energy value, it is rich in substances beneficial to the balance of our organism, such as:
- Vitamins (from complex B, C, D and E);
- Minerals (such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium ...);
- Amino acids and anti-oxidants.


This honey of a light tone, mild and aromatic flavor, is collected by the bees in the fields of wild lavanda, abundant flora in the protected landscape of the slope in Serra da Malcata, Portugal.


Simple or with yogurt, milk, cereals and fruit, there are countless opportunities to enjoy this healthy food.


Now you know that honey is important as a food for the balance of your body, and that by choosing  quatro folhas brings convenience to your nutrition!

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